InsideNebraska - DE Miller finds 'family' at Nebraska
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DE Miller finds 'family' at Nebraska

Nebraska added commit No. 18 to its 2016 class today as Fishers (Ind.) Hamilton Southeastern defensive end Collin Miller committed before the end of his official visit.

The 6-foot-3, 230-pound prospect had been to Lincoln before this weekend, but he wanted to make sure things felt like a family before making his decision. In the end, he found what he was looking for.

“We came in wanting to see if it felt like a family relationship,” Miller said. “We wanted to see the family relationship and the family vibe and we totally did. All the way from the players to the head coach and assistant coaches to the weight coach and fans, everyone just felt packed into one and they’re on a mission.

“It was great to get there to see everybody and to see the facilities and to meet with the coaches to build that relationship with them. So really I committed because my one thing was that everyone is a family.”

In addition to feeling comfortable with the coaching staff, Miller said he really hit it off with a number of players currently on the team.

Dedrick Young and Avery Anderson were (my hosts),”Miller said. “They were two great guys that showed me around. Dedrick, I watched him play, he’s a freshman linebacker that just tore it up this year. He just kind of told me really bluntly how it was and I loved it.

“They both showed me around and went out with them. Everyone that I met would come up to me first thing and introduce themselves to me. You wouldn’t have to go out of your way to introduce yourself to them. Everyone was just real friendly."

Miller said he knew last night that Nebraska was where he wanted to be and he broke the news to head coach Mike Riley this morning.

“After last night is probably when I knew I’d commit,” Miller said. “Then today we went down to The Lodge and me, Coach Hughes, Coach Banker and all of these other people sat down at the table and we just talked and I told them how I felt. I just told them that there’s just no place like Nebraska and that I had to be here.

“I just felt that all of these other schools didn’t have anything on Nebraska. So this was the best fit for me and I can leave my family to come to this family. I just can’t wait to come here, it’s great.”